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Would you like to join the Novahub team?

Novahub is a service provider and technical innovator that is building a tech platform which will revolutionise how organisations collaborate with end-users.

We plan to build a vast community of users and to deliver the right content, at the right place and right time that will amaze the world.

What does Novahub value?

We respect and value our staff, customers and partners. We believe in integrity, team work, cool tech, good ideas, dedication and focus to achieve our goals.

We strive to exceed customer expectations wherever we can, to support and promote local economies, culture and history.

What kind of people work at Novahub?

People who have, or have the potential to be entrepreneurs, to think-outside-the-box, be solution finders, team players, to play hard, enjoy life. You focus on success, your currency is freedom, responsibility and recognition. You realise that the luckiest people in the world only get one shot at being something great. Knowing this helps you make sense of your commitment.

Novahub will revolutionise how organisations collaborate with end-users.

join us at Novahub

What do they do?

We’re at the start-up stage: we usually have to wear many hats in addition to our core areas.

Why do they like it?

It has big potential. It will make a difference. It will be challenging. It is a path to success, growth, leadership and recognition.


Novahub is looking for future members of its Founding Team.

  • Developers, system architects, marketers, sales people.
  • People who want to be part of a start-up with a strong vision.
  • If this resonates with you, get in touch and we will talk.

To find out more about joining the Novahub team, please contact us.

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