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What we offer

Helping organisations improve customer engagement and generate new revenue opportunities.

Novahub is a location-aware, multi-layered enhanced connectivity solution.

We help organisations improve customer engagement through enhanced WiFi connectivity, personalised content and bespoke messaging.

Novahub WiFi Connect builds on many years of WiFi experience to provide the most reliable, robust and cost-effective WiFi solutions for any type of venue small to large. We guarantee coverage and provide a range of total support options to businesses.

Novahub WiFi Engage combines an advanced network platform with complex database analytics and content delivery services, dynamic content is delivered to end users through the Novahub WiFi-integrated app. Novahub helps retail businesses, venues and attractions to engage their customers with personalised marketing content and campaigns.

Novahub actively builds and develops the user community

Novahub actively builds and develops the user community.

We encourage user adoption of the Novahub service through continuous feature and content innovation and by actively growing the Novahub user community.

Connection to Novahub WiFi enables seamless roaming to all Novahub-enabled sites and removes the hassle of repeated logins.

Users will soon be able to register to gain access to their own Personal Dashboard where they can identify preferences, interests, intended or ideal purchases or places to visit. They also receive notifications of discounts, offers and events which are directly relevant to their location.

The Novahub app.

The Novahub WiFi-integrated app is available to all users of the Novahub service.

The app is fully integrated into the core Novahub platform and updates dynamically according to time, place and preferences.

It provides access to information, content and features and is easy to install on any device, with no download necessary.

The Novahub WiFi-integrated app for customer engagement

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