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Promote Your Business

Novahub users receiving personalised marketing

Realising marketing opportunities from enhanced connectivity.

Promote your business and location with Novahub. Novahub helps retail businesses, venues, events and attractions engage their customers and communities with tailored marketing content and campaigns.

The Novahub service is more than just an easy way for your customers and visitors to get online. It can also open up a new channel of communication leading to long-term enhanced loyalty and revenue opportunities.

Users can be shown sponsor or advertiser messages when they are using the Novahub services in your location, which makes it an invaluable marketing medium.  Use Novahub to support your campaign.


Grow your customer base with Novahub’s unique WiFi marketing services.

Most businesses want to advertise to a defined and profiled audience.  

The Novahub platform provides marketing opportunities from enhanced connectivity. Our clients can aim their messages at an aggregated audience of Novahub based on their preferences.

Novahub customer interface

Profiled targeting

It’s an advertising and messaging channel directly to a profiled population of WiFi users, that allows you to refine and target your advertising around your location in real time.

Messages can also be promoted to aggregated groups of Novahub users based preferences, habits and other demographics to enhance branding, offer loyalty rewards and advertise special offers such as discounts or multibuys to enhance spend. 

Drive foot traffic to your location

Novahub can attract browsers, visitors and customers to your venue or retail premises with location based, real time, micro moment advertising.

Our WiFi locations can detect when users are nearby and target special offers to attract them to your location, and engage them once on premise.

Find out how marketing with Novahub’s innovative solutions can generate new revenue opportunities for retailers, venues and other service providers.

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Promote Your Business

Promote Your Business

Gain a new marketing channel for enhanced loyalty and revenue.

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