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Visitor Attractions WiFi

Enhanced WiFi, content and engagement for visitor attractions.

Expectations of today’s visitors have gone way beyond simple learning through seeing and reading.

Novahub provides enhanced WiFi connectivity for attractions, so visitors can have full access to keep them connected throughout their visit.

Novahub’s services for attractions can add a whole new dimension to your attractions visitors’ experience, not only through excellent connectivity, but also through new interactive content and location services around key exhibits in the following ways:

  • Deliver access for visitors for the duration of their visit
  • Integrate into the Novahub App which can guide visitors around the attraction, based on their preferences and including practical location such as location of disabled/mobility access points, restaurants, toilets and gift shops
  • Provide instant interpretational information based on the exact location of the visitor in relation to specific exhibits, objects or zones
  • Keep visitors engaged with the attraction, informing them about special previews or one-off events.

Girl with enhanced WiFi connectivity in museums

Visitor insight and analytics.

When visitors to your attraction use your service, they are provided with different tiers of service according to what they want – and what you want to offer.

On registration or log in, Novahub can simply keep your attraction visitors connected to the internet for the duration of their visit. Or using the Novahub App, we can link visitors directly to it so you can provide customised, location based guided tours or provide other information.


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