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Event WiFi

Event WiFi solutions.

WiFi is already an essential part of the event experience.

Novahub has extensive experience of providing WiFi connectivity and content for huge variety of events. Reliable event WiFi is a must-have requirement, and many events are now also requiring online collaboration.

Specialist event WiFi is often needed to support large numbers of users in defined areas, something which normal WiFi cannot achieve.

A high degree of dynamic information is generated and is needed by event attendees. Event timetables and schedules, location information, facilities at the event, safety information, access and emergency exits, are among the many pieces of information that are able to be served over the enhanced event WiFi and content platform that we provide.

Event WiFi Solutions

Reaching out to your event goers.

We can plan, implement and deliver our leading event WiFi service for your one-off, regular or annual events, such as park-based festivals and concerts:

  • Temporary WiFi or overlay on existing WiFi
  • Enable event registration, sign up, and online payments
  • Provide analytics and reporting of usage
  • Location-aware event content delivered to attendees in real-time
  • Event schedules with interactive maps
  • Additional services such as promotions and instant offers


Engaging event goers with the Novahub WiFi-integrated app.

Novahub event WiFi allows more than just providing connectivity to your event goers. Using our WiFi-integrated app allows engagement with them at a greater level than before, and provides relevant event information in real time.

Novahub enables you to reach your users more directly, allowing you to understand their patterns of usage and behaviour, our solution extends your service and brand.

Novahub WiFi is location-aware, adjusting your content accordingly, depending on where users are. Novahub event WiFi serves the right content, in the right place, and at the right time.


The Novahub WiFi-integrated app helps event organisers engage customers

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