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Hospitality WiFi for Hotels & Guests

Enhance loyalty with Novahub’s guest WiFi connectivity and content services for the hospitality sector.

Whether you run a coffee shop, café, restaurant, hotel, guest house or ale house, your guests now expect complimentary, high quality WiFi access while they are at your premises.

Novahub guest WiFi connectivity and content services are packed with features including content, analytics and management for all hospitality operators on a single or multi-location basis.

The key to your success in using Novahub at your location is not just as an attractor for guests to use whilst enjoying your hospitality, but a service that acts as an extension of your brand and customer experience: efficient, reliable and stable.

Hotel WiFi solutions

Adding value to your hospitality offering.

Increasingly, guest WiFi access is used as a differentiator in the hospitality industry, adding value for business and customer alike and helping the provider to improve levels of service.

Key benefits of Novahub enhanced WiFi connectivity and content services for hospitality operators include:

  • Works over new or existing WiFi for a consistent customer experience
  • Analytics to capture information on guest traffic patterns
  • Ability to create targeted, cost-effective marketing to match customer preferences
  • Marketing intelligence to enhance visitor experience

The Novahub solution offers you the capability to attract more customers and visitors to your location, encourages guests to stay longer, potentially spend more and enhance their overall experience.


Engaging guests with the Novahub WiFi-integrated app.

Novahub allows more than just providing connectivity to your users. Using the WiFi-integrated app it allows you to engage with them with at a greater level than before, and provide relevant information in real time.

Novahub enables you to reach your users more directly, it allows you to understand their patterns of usage and behaviour, it extends your service and brand.

Novahub is location-aware, it knows where users are and can adjust its content accordingly. It makes right content, in the right place, and at the right time.


Hospitality WiFi solutions

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