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Retail WiFi

Attract and engage new customers with retail WiFi and increase your sales.

In retail, whether you’re a high street clothes multiple, coffee shop, craft shop or independent, you can benefit from offering free WiFi to your customers.

Novahub provides enhanced WiFi connectivity services for retailers, allowing you to add a new dimension to your normal retail outlet marketing and services, and to benefit from genuine returns on any investment you make by increasing customer spending and loyalty.

Using the location-awareness capability of the Novahub platform, your venue is promoted to users whilst they are in your vicinity. This enables you to offer the right content at the right time, bringing in more potential sales, and increasing sales.


Enhanced Retail WiFi

What our enhanced WiFi connectivity services for retailers offer.

With Novahub enhanced connectivity services operating in your single or multi-location retail outlets, you’ll benefit from:

  • New marketing channels and opportunities, before, during and after customers visit your retail site
  • Increased footfall as prospective and existing customers engage with your offers. Customers outside your retail site can be “seen” by your Novahub access point and targeted with real time offers
  • A growing target database, as customers sign up to the Novahub community
  • Increased loyalty – customers who enjoy your enhanced service and see offers for account holders through other media, will return to visit your retail site and buy or browse again.


Promote your venue, product and service.

Enable Novahub WiFi at your location to extend your business.

By joining the Novahub WiFi service, you gain access to a large and expanding community of Novahub users, and they get access to you.

Customers to your venue get more than free WiFi internet connectivity. Through the integrate-WiFi app they get access to content and information about what you are offering, and what you have available.

You get the promotional opportunity and chance to make offers in real-time – whilst they are there, on-site.This means that your connectivity and marketing service enhances your brand and everything it stands for leading to stronger marketing and more sales.


Retail WiFi Hotspots

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