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Professional WiFi Services

Professional WiFi hotspot survey, design, installation and support services

Novahub will design the wireless solution you want.

As part of our professional WiFi solutions, we can conduct surveys to evaluate your existing system, or detail the requirements for a new or upgraded system.

We provide informed advice and detailed consultancy and can provide a full delivery package from design through to installation, testing, handover and ongoing support.

We can investigate and evaluation existing WiFi systems and help optimise them for better performance and security.


Novahub Professional WiFi Coverage Planning

Professional WiFi coverage planning

To ensure optimum performance of wireless coverage, Novahub professional WiFi solutions brings specialist understanding of radio propagation and air-interface behaviour.

We design the best coverage using our advanced predictive software, giving an advantage where survey access is limited or only floor plans are available.

Professional WiFi services AirMagnet survey capability.

Novahub is a trained user of industry leading AirMagnet Survey software for WiFi networks.

AirMagnet Survey is ideal for planning 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless LANs for optimal performance, security and compliance.

It calculates the ideal quantity, placement and configuration of APs for a successful WLAN deployment. AirMagnet Survey goes beyond  verifying RF coverage, plotting actual end-user network performance for connection speed, throughput and packet statistics.


Novahub Professional AirMagnet Survey Capability

Novahub Professional WiFi Solutions

Wireless link planning

Novahub provides a specialist professional WiFi service to help you select the right solution for your location. We can provide a wireless link design and implement and support the full end to end solution.

Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint design.

Novahub has extensive experience of planning, installing and supporting wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links. These can be used to extend your 100Mbs or Gigabit LAN, or extend to higher speeds as required. Quickly and cost effectively deploy into areas where cabled links are difficult or impossible to reach, or where extra capacity is needed. Ideal as an alternative link for load balancing or redundancy. Excellent performance, stability and reliability can be achieved.


Advice on market-leading, professional WiFi vendors

Novahub has in-depth knowledge and experience of the professional WiFi market place including latest technology and industry vendors. We can advise on different systems offering a range of features and capabilities depending on your requirement.

High performance secure WiFi from Fortinet

The solution from Fortinet Networks provides an innovative and industry leading approach to high performance, high capacity and high security WiFi networks.

Fortinet is a perfect solution for environments such as conference venues, education sites, stadiums and indoor or outdoor events, etc. where a larger number of users will need simultaneous access to the WiFi network reliably and without congestion.


Professional WiFi Vendors Fortinet

Professional WiFi Vendors Cisco & Ruckus

Cisco Enterprise WiFi solutions

Cisco offers a broad portfolio of access points targeted to the specific needs of all industries, business types and topologies. Cisco access points can be deployed in a distributed or centralised network for a branch office, campus, or a large enterprise. Whether you need entry-level wireless for a small enterprise or mission-critical coverage at thousands of locations, Cisco has a solution.

Ruckus wireless indoor and outdoor coverage.

The Ruckus WiFi, switching and software portfolio provides high-performance, secure, reliable access to applications and services at a mid-market price point.

Ruckus offers a complete line of high-performance access infrastructure, including WiFi controllers and access points, wired Ethernet switching, small cell technologies, combined with network security, analytics and management software and professional services and support..


Ubiquity Networks for small to medium businesses

Ubiquity provides reliable centralised WiFi solutions for lower cost entry level for Small to Medium Businesses WiFi solutions.

Ubiquity’s full line of products includes WiFi access points, switches and gateways, security appliances, IP phones and security cameras.


Novahub Market Leading WiFi Vendors Ubiquiti

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