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WiFi Solutions

WiFi solutions tailored to your requirements.

Novahub provides professional hotspot and bespoke WiFi solutions for almost any requirement.

WiFi solutions and support for any type or size business, enterprise, or public organisation:

  • From one to multiple wireless access points
  • Small to large venues
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Scale to large capacity hi-performance WiFi
  • Safe public WiFi integration
  • Cloud based or on-premise for performance and scalability


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WiFi Solitions Hotspot

Attract more customers with a Novahub WiFi hotspot.

Novahub can help you attract more customers & visitors to your business with our quick and easy public WiFi solution.

Gain access to more customers from a large and growing pool of public users. Encourage customers to stay longer and spend more. Enhance your visitor experience and convenience.

Engage users through the Novahub platform which provides location aware and real-time information through our free WiFi-integrated app.

Our engineers will install your new hotspot WiFi, or we can overlay over existing business WiFi, with no compromise or security risk to your existing network or business services.

Key Novahub WiFi hotspot features & benefits.

Businesses and organisations in every sector can benefit by providing Novahub WiFi public access to their customers, visitors and guests.

  • Extends your reach and engages a larger pool of customers
  • Promotes your location, facilities and services
  • Easy to setup over existing broadband connections
  • Overlays onto existing WiFi or deploy as a separate WiFi system
  • Uses secure connection to keep separate from existing networks
  • Range of different internet connections can be included


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WiFi Solutions

Business Enterprise WiFi Solution

Business enterprise WiFi solutions.

For campuses, distributed enterprises and small businesses, Novahub Business Enterprise solutions provide reliable, secure and integrated WiFi systems.

With centralised management and control, our WiFi solutions offer cost-effective high capacity and high performance capability, from small to large scale. Key benefits include:

  • Integrated UTM security services, e.g. web filtering, cache & IDS options
  • Scalability to larger sites and high capacity
  • Central management, customer analytics and engagement tools
  • Multi-network support e.g. Guest, Private Network, Secure etc.
  • Professional survey and installation
  • Unlimited priority telephone support
  • 24/7 remote proactive monitoring
  • Novahub Hotspot WiFi-ready for optional secure public access


Buyer’s Guide to Enhancing Customer Experience with Smart WiFi

Free Guide

How to enhance customer experience with Smart WiFi.

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Promote Your Business

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