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Custom Content Delivery

Real time customer content delivery in a WiFi-integrated app

A unique and valuable enhancement to WiFi connectivity.

Novahub allows customers to access custom, location aware and real-time content, relevant to their own preferences.

Novahub WiFi comes ready with our advanced app for all Novahub end-users. Fully integrated with your Novahub WiFi service, the app provides real time location information and content, making the customer experience a truly local service.

Key Novahub App Features & Benefits

For ease of access, users can pin the app to their device screen without the need to download or install from the app store.

In turn this means that venue, event and location owners can:

  • Provide easy, hassle-free WiFi and internet access.
  • Engage customers whilst on site at the location
  • Promote tailored offerings, facilities, products and services.

Attract all types of visitor to your venue:

  • Tourists
  • Students
  • Workers
  • Shoppers


Customer content delivery

Deliver ‘the right content, at the right place, at the right time’.

Users close to your venue can easily receive information about your offers, products and services.

The Novahub app will automatically update itself according to user location and preferences, offering optimum content delivery all the time. As it is re-usable, it’s the only app most venues will ever need.


Promote your venue, products and services with Novahub.

Enhance your connectivity with integrated content and mobile marketing through our platform and app.

Custom content delivery provides advanced personalised offers and content services to consumers as well as new profiled, proximity and behaviour-based marketing, information services and insights to business organisations.


Customised location aware content delivery

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