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Customer Insights

The Novahub analytics engine

A cloud-based WiFi hotspot and social analytics system that securely collects usage data.

Using the data from your WiFi hotspot and social analytics such as visits, repeat visits, time on site, location information, you can gain customer insights into customer preferences.

Novahub customer insights and analytics draws out patterns of behaviour, aiding understanding of customer wants and needs. It enables better targeted information, can be used to improve site layouts and optimise product placement.

WiFi hotspot and social analytics provide customer insights

Benefits of Novahub WiFi hotspot and social analytics

  • Understanding of customer profile and preferences at a micro and macro level, individual or company
  • Intelligence on visits, visit duration, in-site movements and repeat visit patterns, as well as internet connection time
  • Data to build into customer experience development 
  • Real time insights into visit data enabling targeted messaging while customers are on site
  • Improved customer loyalty because customers will return and recommend based on their experience
  • Enhanced marketing efficiency through more accurate targeting of relevant personalised messages based on customers’ own preferences, demographics and behaviours

Note on Data Protection

Novahub takes data protection and privacy seriously. We will not divulge information without permission. See our section on Data Protection.

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